The Views, June: A funding slowdown and the rise of chatbots

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Why do chatbots suck? (TechCrunch)“What’s really surprising is that, despite all this hoopla, it’s hard to find a single chatbot that’s actually a really good product. Of course, we can wrangle over the definition of what makes a good product, but in its simplest terms, a great product would have three traits: (1) It’s simple and easy to use; (2) It works well 99 percent of the time; and (3) It removes or reduces friction in whatever it was you want it to do.”

Why Canada’s tech startups need to prepare for a funding slowdown (Canadian Business): “Should we prepare for a funding slowdown? “Venture capital dollars are still flowing, and in some ways, the funding ecosystem is the healthiest it’s been in years. But there’s a growing consensus that sobriety is kicking in. Valuations are coming down, and venture capitalists are getting more careful about where they put their money.”