May views (for the 6ix): Tall poppy syndrome, Big banks respond to fintech

What are some of the big ideas that are worth discussing in our communities? Each month, The Sheet brings you the thinkpieces that actually made us think. (And this month, we couldn’t resist the Drake pun.)

Does Canada have ‘tall poppy syndrome’? Our companies and investors too often seek validation from the U.S., Canadian VC Gideon Hayden writes. This forces our most ambitious entrepreneurs—our tallest poppies—to either limit their ideas, or leave to the U.S., often taking their Canadian-funded IP with them. (TechCrunch)

How will big banks defend against fintech? Investment advice, borrowing, banking and mortgages—these are some of the fields where fintech companies are enroaching on the big banks. The institutions are responding, as seen in some of CIBC’s initiatives outlined in the article, but will it be enough for them? (The Globe and Mail)