July views: Is Toronto the next great producer of tech startups?

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Is Canadian ICT investment behind the curve? (BetaKit) “Canadian CEOs continue to cite limited access to both capital and human resources as obstacles to success. This shortfall manifests in a number of ways. A lack of digital expertise can prevent innovation from being adopted in fields not traditionally considered to be part of tech. Plus, it is difficult to encourage local investment when “more than 53% of organizations cite attracting and retaining skilled employees as one of their top human capital challenges.”

Is Toronto the next great producer of tech startups? (TechCrunch) “The city has all the markings of a world-class hub for technology startups and reminds me a lot of how New York City felt in the early 2000s — simmering with entrepreneurial talent, opportunity and a strong foundation to support it. I think Toronto is poised to contend as one of the biggest North American hubs for technology startup activity over the next five-10 years.” (Techcrunch)