August Views: Can we stop the brain drain to Silicon Valley?

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Can we stop the brain drain to Silicon Valley? “A sad truth about Canadian startups is that most eventually make an exit, typically bought out by a larger, richer U.S. organization. When Canadian startups sell this way, their founders, engineers and other ‘smart creatives’ who understand and drive a company’s vision tend to leave, for a variety of reasons. These exits slowly but surely sap the life from Canadian business.” (The Globe and Mail)

“Mentor whiplash” and how to deal with conflicting advice: “For all the experience and ability to recognize patterns, every context is different. Only you live and breathe this company. A mentor or board member can’t possibly have enough info to make the ‘right’ call. It may sound like semantics, but it’s far better to ask these people how they would approach a given situation rather than ask them what you should do in that situation. There are subtle but important differences in that wording.” (