Welcome to The Sheet

This is cool. Welcome to our online home! The Sheet is Toronto’s startup scene on one piece of paper. We’re curating the need-to-know news relevant to the community and producing original interviews with the people who are working to make Toronto a world-class tech city. And while the paper is one distribution channel, we’ll be keeping things updated online as well. Our goal is to introduce new people to the Toronto tech community, while bringing existing members closer together.

But we can’t do it alone. Please get involved—send us news, events, resources, or cool things your company is doing. Or snacks. We also like snacks. Our email address is info@thesheet.news. Please use it often.

xo belinda & matt

Who we are

We’re Belinda Alzner and Matt McCausland—cofounders of The Sheet. Both of us have worked in both media and tech and we have spent a considerable amount of our free time talking about how to marry the two. It got to the point where we realized we needed to just take a startup approach to it and MVP our idea, which leads us to where we are today—a single print page of Toronto startup news distributed at events, and this lil’ ol’ site.


Hey. Hello. Hi. I’m Belinda. I have worked in tech and journalism, in some capacity or another, for five years and am very excited to bring these two parts of my career together in The Sheet. On the tech side, I have advised and strategized through my own digital consulting business, and spent a few years at one of Toronto’s early startup successes, ScribbleLive, as its product marketing manager and client trainer. On the journalism side, I was Associate Editor of J-Source, and spent my days/nights/weekends writing and editing news about the news. I volunteer my speed-typing skills for the Canadian Journalism Foundation and Journalists for Human Rights. My work has appeared on the websites of Toronto Star, Maclean’s, Chatelaine, The Tyee, OpenFile (RIP!) and more.


And I’m Matt. Where Belinda’s experience is more heavily skewed toward journalism, mine is moreso on startups and development. After dropping out of school for drumming (yes, you can go to school for drumming), I taught myself to code and built websites for bands. After doing this for a while for a local startup—though, back then, I think we just called it a small business—I spent some time developing media products for CHUM/CTV. It was there that I met the co-founders of ScribbleLive, a real-time publishing platform that helps news organizations keep their audiences informed during wars, revolutions, natural disasters, and sporting events—I managed that product and its developers from the first customer to hundreds of worldwide customers. Now, I’m working on my own startup and helping others realize their own ideas.